Avri Ohana was born in Casablanca, Morocco and immigrated to Israel at the age of 13. Raised and educated in a kibbutz, he absorbed the magic of the land and the lessons of the artists who lived there:  the prominent European Dadaist Marcel Janco; Dan Hoffner, the director of Bezalel Art School in Jerusalem; the painter Eric Brauer of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism; and the acclaimed optical and kinetic artist Yaakov Agam in Paris. 

As a young man, Ohana was an early member of Ein Hod, located at the foot of Mount Carmel. It was there that he developed his unique voice as an artist. Since then, he has also traveled and worked extensively in Europe, Latin America and the United States, where he is now a citizen.

Ohana’s work reveals a restless temperament that is both in love with nature but also in relentless pursuit of perfect abstraaction. His canvaes are densely constructed atmospheric fields in which competing geometrical planes are balanced through use of color, rhythm and form. Writing in Artforum, Louis Nesbitt referred to Ohana’s ability to create “subtle atmospheres of shimmering light,” and it is indeed the case that a unique quality of light emanates from and enlivens his work. Using acrylic, house paint and fabric in conjunction with an oil paint matrix, Ohana creates painterly planes through which small glimpses of nature and architectural elements emerge ; they are all held together by an exquisite sense of spatial tension.

Ohana's exhibitions include solo and group shows in Israel, Europe and the United States. He has also created set designs for the Haifa Theater in Israel and the Grand Opera in San Francisco, and graphic designs for ABC Television in Hollywood. Presently, Avri Ohana lives and works in New York City.

Selected Solo Shows
Rye Free Reading Room (2017, 2010, 2007)
Westbeth Gallery, NYC (2015, 2012)
The Office Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (2008)
Davis Fine Art Gallery, Hudson NY (2004)
Bleecker Stop Gallery, NYC (2001)
Syliva Kahn Gallery, Great Neck, NY (1999)
Mary Vincent Art Gallery, Chicago (1997)
Perry Art Gallery, NYC (1996)
Orion Gallery, Georgetown, DC (1991)
Frank Bustamante Gallery, NYC (1990, 1989)
Yacobovitz Gallery, Netanya, Israel (1984, 1976)
Place Gallery, Haifa Israel (1979)
Shulamit Gallery, Jaffa, Israel (1975)
Ein Hod Gallery, Israel (1974, 1971, 1964)
Caesarea Gallery, Caesarea, Israel (1974)
New Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (1972)
Bognar Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (1967)
Cherry Gallery, San Bernardino, CA (1965)
Poet Gallery, Paris, France (1963)
Yad Lebanim, Jerusalem (1963)
Dugit Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (1962)

Group Exhibitions
Westbeth Gallery, NYC (2016)
Davis Fine Art Gallery, Hudson NY (2003)
Frank Bustamante Gallery, NYC (1988)
Revel Gallery, Soho, NYC (1988)
Vorpal Gallery, NYC (1987)
Carefully Chosen Gallery, Miami FL (1986)
Neustadter Gallery, Rye NY (1985)
Ein Hod, Israel (1981, 1965)
Safrai Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel (1978)
Bezalel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel (1976)
Helena Rubenstein Museum, Tel Aviv (1973)
Pestertou Gallery, Copenhagen (1973)
Shamerinsky Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (1973)
Zingal Gallery, NYC (1970)
Katz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (1963)